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Founders Message

About gDi

Thank you for visiting us through this “cyber” window. We have dedicated these pages to providing you with

an initial impression of gDi and to better understand the “human” interface behind this Corporate identity.

As our visitor, we have a tradition in Arabia dating back from time immemorial that mandates us to provide you with the hospitality worthy of a King.

However, our quest to physically provide you with the desired level of hospitality is constrained by technology!... so we firstly seek your forgiveness and will do our level best to fulfill your information needs through the various sections of this website and secondly, we hope you will make an effort to visit us in person to understand better the soles behind gDi.

We the wish to extend our relationships with all partners to conform with our traditional norms, we fully understand that the organization needs to be an ethical creature - an organism capable of both reaping profits and making the world a better place to live.

We sincerely hope that you will join us in this journey to a better future……

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